It's alive!

Blog resurrected!

Single plant shoot with leaves in the foreground.  Bokeh blurred background of other plants.
Photo by Ty Tomlinson / Unsplash

In my last post i said that i hoped switching this blog to Ghost would encourage me to post more often.  As that post was over three years ago things obviously didn't work out.😒

With the decline of Twitter under its new owner i've been thinking more and more lately about the importance of owning your own content and locating it in corner of the Internet under your control.  It seems i'm not the only one thinking this either.

So i'm resurrecting this place.  I've taken the opportunity to do a bit of cleaning up and have moved my blog from www to  Eventually i plan on making www a kind of hub linking all of my Internet presences in one place.  If it's not linked from there then it's not me.