Native IPv6 on Zen and IPv6-availability for this site

My ISP, Zen, now provides native IPv6, and i've also made this site available over IPv6.

Native IPv6 on Zen and IPv6-availability for this site

After many years of waiting my ISP, Zen, has finally launched a trial of native IPv6.

I've been running IPv6 on my network for several years now using a tunnel from Hurricane Electric but, because it's a tunnel, i've never really done anything more with it than used it as a means for my machines to access the IPv6 'net.

As soon as Zen announced the trial i jumped on it and have been happily using native IPv6 since early on the 17th of August.

A few days later i enabled this site for IPv6 and updated the DNS to provide an AAAA record. For the past couple of weeks it's been viewable to IPv4 and dual-stack clients.

There was one remaining problem though. The registrar through whom i registered the domain does not have name servers accessible via IPv6, meaning anyone wanting to look up the site using DNS would need to have IPv4 access.

Hurricane Electric to the rescue again. They provide a free DNS service that is not only dual-stack but anycast. I finally completed a move of my domains to this service earlier today and am happy to announce that this site is now accessible to IPv4-only, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6, and IPv6-only clients.