Responsive Design

Moved my website over to the Pure.css framework.

Responsive Design

Finally got around to doing a bit of a refresh on the site.

I've been using pretty much the same CSS for the better part of a decade now with only a few tweaks every couple of years.

Because of this the CSS had no concept of mobile display sizes and looked all scrunched up and like complete crap on mobile devices.

I haven't really kept up-to-date with the improvements to CSS since the 2000s so wasn't sure what to do but i'd heard of Bootstrap so decided to take a look.

I started playing with it yesterday evening and converting the site, but after several hours i didn't have the responsiveness i wanted. I'm sure i could have got it working if i'd persevered but it was getting late so i left things for the night.

Having slept on things, i decided that Bootstrap was a bit overarching for my modest needs.

I looked around for alternatives and settled on Pure.css. A couple of hours later i had my site in a basic responsive state.

I also used IcoMoon App to make a custom icon font containing just the three icons used on this site (a far sight slimmer than pulling in the entirety of Font Awesome).

It's not completely what i'd like, and i'll tweak things a bit the next time i get in a websity mood, but at least it should no longer be illegible on mobile devices.

Maybe one of these days i'll even get around to doing a complete redesign and make more use of the advanced features of Pure.css (i'm only really using the grid layout stuff at the moment).